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Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 17:09
Two days of hard work & shopper training, culminating in a live brief from one of our clients #shoppermarketing #pivotalmoment #training ????????
Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 11:06
Our Global CCO @Jon_hamm2671 on straddling entertainment & advertising, the ‘punk’ of digital & his Mad Men namesake
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 15:54
Gym-goer Josh flexes his muscles in his PT session with the talented @KIDawney #tuesdaytalent #workout #personaltrainer #triceptuesday ????????????????
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 10:41
Shopper marketing 101 with Cesar Montes @GeometryGlobal #training #experts #retail #ecommerce #shopper ?????????????????????
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 13:20
Jon Himoff @CRPlatform talks about connecting digital & physical in-store, in this week's lunch and learn. #retail #tech #consumerexperience
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 16:57
It's #HappyHour in our brand new Mona Lisa area, where creative ideas become a reality. Thank you @5mith_jason for designing the area ?????????????????
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 17:02
RT @onrcndn: Get a treat for a Tweet! Socialmat is ready at Geometry! @GeometryLDN @visionteractive #geometryglobal #socialmedia #tweetacti
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 17:02
RT @GeometryGlobal: #TBT @GeometryLDN's @gemma_batterby on her #PrimeDay experience with #Alexa @TheDrum https://t.
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 10:26
Our Head of Experiential @dougiesnr picks out the key trends from #IFA2017 in @Campaignmag - #experiential #tech
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 14:36
RT @Eventmagazine: IFA Berlin 2017: A more human experience says Andy Dougan @GeometryLDN
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 19:02
RT @GeometryGlobal: .@GeometryLDN's “Uncompromised Clean & Care” campaign for Kimberly-Clark was recently shortlisted at #B2BMarketingAward
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 14:52
Thank you very much to everyone for contributing to a thought-provoking & extremely inspiring #Captivate event last night #retail #inspire
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 09:36
And thank you for presenting :-) Excited for the next one! #captivate
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 09:35
RT @CRPlatform: @CRPlatform Managing Director Jon Himoff presenting #Retail is a #Tech Battlefield yesterday at #Captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 18:13
'Generation Z don't mind relinquishing their data, as long as they receive a good service as a result' - Martyn Blakeley @GSK #captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 18:07
Q&A time! Is Amazon the only future of retail? #captivate: A New Perspective on Retail. Access all areas. @DigitalConstant @CRPlatform @GSK
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 18:03
Understand your #consumers; don't be afraid to try and fail; appeal to the omnichannel shopper - @DigitalConstant #captivate #omnichannel
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:56
'Alibaba invested $8b in #bricksandmortar in the last 2 years' Does this answer "Is Amazon the future of retail?" We think it's #omnichannel
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:48
'I am impressed by @NETAPORTER who inspire and convert really quickly, connecting #content and #commerce' - @DigitalConstant #captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:42
'We live in a mobile-first world which is blurring the lines between physical and digital' - @DigitalConstant @GeometryGlobal #captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:29
Amazon are willing to take risks #bricksandmortar #captivate #amazon #retail @CRPlatform
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:23
'When people engage with staff members their baskets are a lot bigger' - @CRPlatform #service #consumers #emotionalconnection #experience
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:21
'Ten years ago adidas had no stores - own retail changing the brand experience' - Jon Himoff @CRPlatform #captivate #retail #experience
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:06
Retail is a tech battlefield - how can brands and retailers win? Jon Himoff at @CRPlatform shares his thoughts at #captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:01
'The way people purchase fashion is not only about convenience and price. It's about the emotional connection and service as well' - Martyn
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 16:56
'The accelerating pace of change is the new normal. We need to deal with this change and operate with customers at the heart' - Martyn
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 16:44
Amazon - the utopia of shopping? How are brands and retailers stepping up to the challenge? Martyn Blakeley @GSK gives us his point of view
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 16:41
RT @SSarahHazell: @GeometryLDN set to look into the future of shopping with some great tech #captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 16:41
RT @SSarahHazell: Amazon invests $150bn each year on investment. Is Amazon the only future of shopping? @GeometryLDN #captivate
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 16:41
Michelle Whelan introducing our speakers @DigitalConstant, Martyn Blakeley from @GSK and Jon Himoff from @CRPlatform #captivate #amazon

Royal British Legion (RBL) - Every Pin Tells a Tale
Royal British Legion (RBL)
(Royal British Legion (RBL))
Every Pin Tells a Tale
Shopper Marketing
To commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of our
soldiers at Passchendaele.
Aug 14th 2017 11:22:07
Ministry of Environment, Colombia - Posters for  Catching Fishermen
Ministry of Environment, Colombia
(Ministry of Environment, Colombia)
Posters for Catching Fishermen
Brand Activation
We designed beautiful posters explaining everything a fisherman needed to know about the fish.
Jun 6th 2017 17:15:59
HSBC - Wake up your savings
Wake up your savings
Shopper Marketing
Wake Up Your Savings was designed to make this seemingly scary world more accessible to customers.
May 19th 2017 11:07:21
Emirates - Flight Time Stories
Flight Time Stories
Shopper Marketing
Emirates provide in-flight entertainment to children every day
Dec 7th 2016 11:14:33
Royal British Legion - Somme 100
Royal British Legion
Somme 100
Integrated marketing
We shortened the purchase journey & inspired purchase of a commemorative pin for The RBL
Sep 13th 2016 18:19:27

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