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Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 15:00
RT @dadiawards: Applause for the next nominees @TangerineComms @MRMMeteorite @Tinderflint book your tickets for 19 Oct #dadiawards https:
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 17:11
Great news that we've been nominated for a @TheDrum DADI Award for our work with @dorsetcereals and @Wcommlondon! Congrats to the nominees!
Tweet : Sep 1st 2017 12:10
We've added some new work to our @creativebrief page! Head over to to check it out!
Tweet : Sep 1st 2017 12:09
RT @TheBHF: A person having a cardiac arrest will die in minutes unless someone steps in. Learn the skills to save a life:
Tweet : Sep 1st 2017 12:09
RT @stjohnambulance: Would you know what to do if someone started showing the signs of a heart attack? Learn what to do below. Please RT #f
Tweet : Aug 7th 2017 10:36
RT @ASFFest: Branded Content: Visualising Campaigns. Join Eliot Carroll from @Tinderflint @ASFFest 9 November #industrysession
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 15:31
We've added some more case-studies on @creativebrief! Head over to check them out
Tweet : Jul 28th 2017 12:03
@TypeR @Honda_UK @ctro_uk Looking Good!
Tweet : Jul 26th 2017 17:51
Our very own @JamesJohnson7 is related to a US President & we would have absolutely no issue with any transgender folk working for us.
Tweet : Jul 18th 2017 16:45
Great news that David Perry is joining the Tinderflint family today! Check out some of his work here!
Tweet : Jul 15th 2017 06:09
Very pleased to have picked up 2 awards at the #EVCOMClarions17 for our work with @arthurlondon & @DiabetesUK
Tweet : Jul 14th 2017 09:58
We're excited for the @EVCOMUK Clarion Awards today! Really proud to be nominated for our work with @DiabetesUK & @arthurlondon!
Tweet : Jul 13th 2017 09:09
RT @EVCOMUK: Final preparations for #EVCOMClarions17 tomorrow with fingers crossed for finalists @ZestProds @vanillafilm @Tinderflint and @
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 15:47
Looking forward to it! Bring on the Cheese and Pimms! #EVCOMClarions17
Tweet : Jul 5th 2017 16:35
Our new case-study with @KelloggsUK and @DigitasLBi_UK has just gone live! Head over to to find out more!
Tweet : Jul 5th 2017 16:29
@TheBHF Amazing! Congratulations!
Tweet : Jul 4th 2017 16:03
Check out the article in @TheDrum about @RAPP_UK new spot for International Committee of the Red Cross featuring us!
Tweet : Jul 4th 2017 14:50
Exciting news, we've got a new director joining our roster! Please welcome! @emmanichols99
Tweet : Jun 30th 2017 16:47
RT @ICRC: Years of brutal war has torn apart the lives of millions in #Syria. Today, 75% of the population is reliant on aid:
Tweet : Jun 30th 2017 15:38
Catch up on everything from the @EVCOMUK awards last weekend! Looking forward to the #Clarions
Tweet : Jun 29th 2017 14:22
We found #tuglife3 hugely useful! Check out their highlight video here! @tugagency
Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 12:12
This is very satisfying to watch. Some serious Wes Anderson-esque symmetry going on #inreturn #deeperunderground
Tweet : Jun 26th 2017 10:45
We're so proud to have been awarded the Silver Screen Award for Cinematography for our work with @dorsetcereals at the @EVCOMUK Awards!
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 14:21
We're so excited for @EVCOMUK Screen Awards tonight at @BAFTA Good luck to all of the nominees!
Tweet : Jun 23rd 2017 12:15
RT @Every_Sense: #EVCOMSCREENS17 with @EVCOMUK @BAFTA today! Can't wait to see some great work & congratulate worthy winners! ???????????? https://t
Tweet : Jun 20th 2017 10:32
Really nice work from our director @IridaZhonga with @StylistMagazine Follow this link here!
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 14:51
And then we're all going to the @EVCOMUK Screen Awards on Friday at @BAFTA for our work with @Wcommlondon and @dorsetcereals Busy week!
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 14:50
Our very own @JamesJohnson7 and @Southflint are at the #CANNT events at @PublicisLondon and @Cargo_LDN Come say hi!
Tweet : Jun 16th 2017 16:19
RT @BritishRedCross: Do you need help after the #GrenfellTower fire?
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 12:02
We're proud to get nominated for a Clarion @evcom award for our work with @DiabetesUK and @arthurlondon! congrats to all the other nominees!

Kellogg's - #Becauseyum
(Digitas LBI / Leo Burnett)
Branded content, Creative production
Content series for Kellogg's including short form video, gifs and reactive content.
Sep 1st 2017 09:49:16
International Committee of the Red Cross - Sign of Hope
International Committee of the Red Cross
Sign of Hope
Creative production
A global TV commercial produced for ICRC to incentivise charity donations and raise awareness.
Sep 1st 2017 09:47:22
Dorset Cereals - B&B Awards
Dorset Cereals
(Associated British Foods)
B&B Awards
Branded content, Creative production
Collaboration with W Comms on a campaign to celebrate the winners of the Dorset Cereals B&B Awards
Jan 24th 2017 10:52:20

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