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Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 16:08
Good afternoon! Your Tweet Seater this week is none other than me - Ollie Easthope. Get set for some good times.
Tweet : Aug 10th 2018 12:40
Thank you, @Topshop for our pop up! Nothing like a little Thursday #RetailTherapy in the comfort of your own office.
Tweet : Aug 9th 2018 15:52
With the travel season in full swing, this article in @travldailymedia by our Client Solutions Director on the industry's approach to loyalty is made even more poignant
Tweet : Aug 9th 2018 09:57
The best TV time to recruit? During #LoveIsland . @RoyalNavy's latest ad provides a stark contrast to the pettiness and mindlessness of reality television and the results are not to scoff at
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 16:13
"Generation Y shares a sense of responsibility towards the world and its problems...and look for brands to stand alongside them and take action. Talking the same values is no longer enough for brands – they’re expected to act."
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 12:32
"What we’ve seen over the past couple of years is a growing realisation among young people that this phenomenon has actually become an appropriation of working-class culture that has yielded very little benefit for them."
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 10:55
RT @CreativeReview: .@pentagram’s @marinawiller has designed the visual identity @BBC’s new series of programmes Hear Her, celebrating wom
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 14:55
It’s #Friyay and the bear folk are proud of you for doing the week! ???????????? (& we out - @kingasarts & @milburn_sam )
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 14:09
RT @CodeWorldwide: “You would like your dictionary to be a more objective version of the world. It would be problematic if your dictionary
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 12:16
We started something beautiful at #Omnicom towers... What post-it notes masterpiece should we create next? ????
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2018 11:52
It’s #Friyay ???????? The Aperol Panda wants to be free ????
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 18:33
#Email #Developers, not to stereotype, but we know you hate sunshine and would prefer to be inside in front of a Mac :) We're looking for a #freelance Email Developer to help out for a few months. Awesome team. Awesome brand. Aw...competitive Day Rate...
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2018 13:45
She does ???????? #ThursdayThoughts
Tweet : Aug 1st 2018 12:44
Why are high-street banks losing their young customers? – a brilliant article by RAPP's Matt Shaw. Definitely worth a read! #DigitalBanking ???? ????
Tweet : Aug 1st 2018 10:07
It wouldn’t be an animal thread without a #SpiritAnimal quiz! Take a quiz here ???????? ???????? and share your answers with everyone ???????? (PS Sam’s a ???? and I’m an ????)
Tweet : Jul 31st 2018 13:34
The Good Thoughts Mantaray brainwashing you into a happy Tuesday. Adorable ????#TuesdayThoughts
Tweet : Jul 31st 2018 11:11
It’s Harry Potter’s birthday and although Daniel Radcliffe is an animal he’s not the kind of animal that we condone. So here is an owl wearing a hat ???????? #HappyBirthdayHarryPotter
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 13:42
This is an Aardwolf. The aardest of the wolves. How aard are Aardwolves you ask? Very aard... we seriously can’t stress this enough.
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 10:42
It may be as soggy as the seat of a #TourdeFrance bike out there, but never fear - Sam & Kinga are here to warm your souls by bringing you buba beasts. First up - a dog feeding a lamb ????????
Tweet : Jul 27th 2018 15:14
Happy Friday! Just 2 hours until @theweeknd. I’m gonna clock off early though. Wishing you all the best @LoveIsland final. #teamJani ciao for now - Perla x
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 17:30
RT @laurendkeefer: @RAPP_UK tbh you've given a more accurate recap of Love Island this week than every other commentator combined
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 16:47
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 15:33
RT @RAPP: “Marketers need to target the right people, with the right message, at the right time, in the right place.” At @RAPP_UK we call t
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 23:06
The baby episode was good... but I’ll always miss #cashhughs #loveislandS3 #LoveIsland
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 13:13
Exciting day at @MercedesBenz for @RAPP_UK #s65amg #amg #mercedes #petrol
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 12:35
A fantastic read by Ronak #embracethefandom
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 07:25
Catching up on #LoveIsand...Old Laura comforting New Laura like a #BossLady. I don’t think this girl gets enough credit ????????
Tweet : Jul 24th 2018 23:57
RT @IainDoesJokes: Last week of #loveisland is upon us. It’s been an amazing series so thank you to the team and all of you for saying nice
Tweet : Jul 24th 2018 15:05
@CodeWorldwide let them eat cake! #glutenfree #lemonchiffon #cake #julybirthdays #YAS
Tweet : Jul 24th 2018 14:06
Our very own @phoeberosahg showing off our fab creative! @krispykreme #whatadonut

Virgin Media - Virgin TV BAFTA Awards Red Carpet
Virgin Media
(Virgin Media)
Virgin TV BAFTA Awards Red Carpet
Giving fans the best seat in the house with unparalleled red-carpet access.
Aug 7th 2018 14:38:02
PayPal UK - Launching Money Pools
PayPal UK
Launching Money Pools
CRM/Customer engagement
Why two-man tent when you can teepee? We're making the moments together, matter.
Aug 7th 2018 12:23:32
Virgin Media - Corgi-Cam
Virgin Media
(Liberty Global plc)
Media planning & buying, Social
A Corgi with a GoPro strapped to it, steals the show for Netflix & creates a huge buzz on Twitter.
Aug 7th 2018 11:19:27
Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz UK Motoring
(Daimler AG)
Mercedes-Benz UK Motoring
CRM/Customer engagement
Data operations, campaign set up, deployment, strategy, insight, reporting, development & testing.
Jun 2nd 2017 14:41:30
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic  - It all starts in Manchester
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic
(Marketing Manchester)
It all starts in Manchester
CRM/Customer engagement, Social
Online, OOH & PR stunts. Promoting Manchester to US travellers’ using Virgin Atlantic’s new routes.
May 26th 2017 17:42:16

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