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Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 17:48
Our Senior Planner Caitlin Evans shares her favourite out of home campaign, from OK Cupid: @Campaignmag
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 17:46
RT @EffWorks: Do you really understand your #socialmedia impact? @sfmaher of @MBATheAgency & #IPASocialWorks on #m
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 11:21
RT @The_IPA: 13 Reasons Why... Leaders need to empathise, by @MeganRex of @MBATheAgency
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 10:31
Our CEO @sfmaher has been appointed to the board at @DMA_UK:
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 11:47
RT @EffWorks: It's all about #culture. New research from @CIMA_UK_News & @The_IPA presented at #Effweek '17 by @FranCassidy1
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 09:32
We're excited to share our first major campaign for @InvestecClick:
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 12:04
RT @sfmaher: Check Out This Article!
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 09:00
RT @gemmahgreaves: Two of my faves @sfmaher @guvharris enjoying first industry night of 2018 @SolusThe which will always be special to me.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 09:00
RT @sfmaher: What lies ahead for social media in 2018 via @po_st
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2017 14:46
We're very excited to share the news that we've been appointed by Church & Dwight to promote Viviscal, via @Campaignmag
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 12:24
Our Planning Director @JamesDev speaking at The IPA event last night for #IPAEff
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 12:23
RT @The_IPA: Audience questions balancing efficiencies with effectiveness @JamesDev quotes @EverestGroup where they reduced sending on the
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 12:23
RT @The_IPA: Thanks to our esteemed panel. More information about #IPAEff awards
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 13:50
Our GrabLock TV advert for Everest has been voted one of the funniest adverts ever! Have you seen it yet?
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 13:50
@Kingdomx_ Thanks!
Tweet : Nov 9th 2017 10:15
Our Senior Account Planner Caitlin talks to @Campaignmag about the art of digital storytelling:
Tweet : Nov 8th 2017 09:48
On Monday, our Planning Director @JamesDev will be speaking at @The_IPA Eff Event: 'Fail better: Develop a test & learn approach to marketing'. Will we be seeing you there?
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 12:33
We're very excited to share the news that we've been appointed by Thomas Sanderson, via @Campaignmag
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 19:00
Our CEO @sfmaher discusses the need for 'Total UX' for this year's @EffWorks #EffWeek:
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 18:55
RT @The_IPA: .@sfmaher of @MBATheAgency sums up the Think Tank 2 session on #CX in the digital age #EffWeek
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 18:55
RT @EffWorks: .@MBATheAgency's @sfmaher talks us through Customer Experience in the Digital Age #EffWeek
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 10:56
RT @EffWorks: Join this amazing panel to talk #CX at #EffWeek 2017. Book: @sfmaher @Luis_Navarrete @sapientnitro ht
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 10:52
RT @sfmaher: 'The brand is the customer and user experience ' in the digital era @The_IPA @EffWorks #EffWeek - worlds bigger startup TSB's
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 15:59
At this week's excellent @MarketingSocSco #DigitalDay17 our CEO @sfmaher welcomed attendees and chaired the 'Return on Investment' session
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 15:54
RT @MarketingSocSco: WHAT. A DAY! Thanks to everyone who came to #DigitalDay17 See the photo's over on our Facebook page >
Tweet : Oct 5th 2017 11:31
RT @graemeatha: @sfmaher kicks off #digitalday17 @MarketingSocSco @TheMarketingSoc
Tweet : Oct 5th 2017 09:17
RT @MarketingSocSco: Calling all #DigitalDay17 attendees. Have you downloaded 'The App' yet? Everything you need is on there!
Tweet : Oct 5th 2017 09:14
RT @SuzanneBidlake: We’ve at least 1 poet and 1 novelist here amng brands & agencies to debate the Art of Storytelling for @Campaignmag Ca
Tweet : Sep 27th 2017 14:35
Next week our CEO @sfmaher will welcome attendees at @MarketingSocSco 'Digital Day' in Glasgow. Will you be joining?
Tweet : Sep 27th 2017 14:19
RT @EffWorks: Join this amazing panel to talk #CX at #EffWeek 2017. Book: @sfmaher @Luis_Navarrete @KathyDykeman @s

Click & Invest - Opening Doors
Click & Invest
Opening Doors
We built and launched Investec's new online investment platform Click & Invest
Jan 10th 2018 14:37:41
Google - Moments that matter
Moments that matter
CRM/Customer engagement
Amplifying Google Adword sales for small and medium sized businesses
Jan 10th 2018 14:31:32
O2 - Creating Personalised Holograms
Creating Personalised Holograms
MBA targets high-value prospects for O2 Business, with a personalised holographic digital expert.
Nov 16th 2015 11:59:34
Avios - The Avios 12 Hour Challenge
The Avios 12 Hour Challenge
We sent TV presenter Laura Whitmore to Berlin to spend the savings she made courtesy of Avios.
Nov 16th 2015 11:59:26
Avios - The Avios £50 Challenge
The Avios £50 Challenge
We sent comedian Chris Ramsey to Marrakech to see what he could get up to with £50.
Nov 16th 2015 11:58:54

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