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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park celebrated its 60th anniversary recently and to mark the occasion we have worked alongside the team at PCNP to develop a national poster campaign, in and around key railway stations, to encourage people to ‘Visit Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’.

The Challenge

The campaign had to promote the park’s natural beauty, coastline and abundant wildlife in a way that was sympathetic to the brand identity, whilst stirring up an emotive response from the target audience.

The posters needed to be cut-through in a competitive marketplace, with every tourism based company promoting their destination as the place to visit. It was also 2012 - a year with a lot going on to promote ‘staycations’ including the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee.

Our solution

The inspiration behind the posters was the style of the travel posters from the 1960s. The beautiful vibrant colours and simple sans serif typography produced visually striking posters. The vintage style illustration, combined with emotive copy lines, communicated with the target audience on a nostalgic level, capturing a spirit and feel of the area.


The results

This campaign was a finalist for two CIM Awards, winner of a Canmol Award for ‘Tourism, hotels, leisure, place & destination marketing, travel and transport’, and winner of three Marketing Design Awards for ‘Leisure and Tourism’, ‘Customer Comms’ and ‘Consumer Excellence’.


Website traffic increased by 75% during the promotional period


QR Code drove a 348% increase of site access via mobile/tablet (20,000 visits)


Facebook & Twitter community increased by 100%

Hatched transformed a simple advertising concept into our most successful marketing campaign ever. In short, they’re brilliant

Marie Edwards,
Marketing Manager at PCNPA

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One of the Top 30 most viewed case studies for 2017

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