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In Summer 2017 HP tasked us with driving desirability and sales of their Sprocket portable photo printer amongst 13-25 year olds. But with lots of competition in the market and an audience of digital natives who store everything in the cloud, we needed to educate and inspire them to start printing photos again.

We centred our approach around the summer passion and celebration moments our audience share with friends and family as this is a time when they’ll create memories they want to bring and keep. 

The creative followed the music artist Anne-Marie, whose persona and values embody the Sprocket brand, during her summer festival tour. She used the Sprocket to capture ‘memories’ with friends, band mates and family, whilst showcasing the unique functions of the Sprocket and sharing the content on social.




Sales for the HP Sprocket broke the 1000 mark in Week 1 of the campaign completing surpassing the 750 target!

The campaign beat engagement metrics set out on social with over half of viewers watching both videos for over 10 seconds.

Anne-Marie’s first post from Lovebox Festival received nearly double the amount of likes of her own post which was taken from the stage at the end of her performance (25k) and had a huge engagement rate of 8%.

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